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I took the name “LeftyMathProf” in my email and web pages because I’m a leftist politically and a retired mathematics professor, and because it is a lot easier to spell and pronounce than my actual name (Eric Schechter, pronounced erik shektur).

I’m about as far to the left as one can go — I’m a Lennonist. That’s John Lennon, not Vladimir Lenin. “Imagine no possessions … Imagine all the people sharing all the world … I hope someday you’ll join us.” That’s voluntary cultural change, not coercion. But “someday” had better be soon, because both the ecosystem and our social fabric are collapsing — in my opinion, faster and more drastically than even Dr. Doom will tell you, and only a global eco-anarcho-zen-commie revolution can still save us. Best wishes to you and yours in the great changes that are coming soon to all of us.



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