Above are links to my essays; underlined blue phrases in the essays are links to related materials. Dates on the essays reflect their most recent small revisions, not the date when the bulk of the essay was written. Some essays are transcripts of videos linked near the top or bottom of the essay page. Below is a list of just the videos, newest first. Some older essays and videos have been removed from this website because their content overlaps too much with newer material, but most older videos still can still be found on my youtube page.

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2016 Oct 30 2¼ minutes Sharing or Extinction (leaflet)
2016 Aug 15 4½ minutes Anarcho-Commie Rapture
2014 Aug 22 5½ minutes Schechter for Senate 3: The Other Honest Politician
2014 Jan 16 20 minutes Schechter for Senate 2: Gloves Off
2013 Oct 18 23 minutes Schechter for Senate
2013 Aug 31 20 minutes Global Eco-Anarcho-Zen-(Christian)-Commie Revolution
2013 July 15 26 minutes The Math of Runaway Warming
2012 Feb 14 140 minutes Eric Explains Everything: Revelation & Revolution

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I took the name “LeftyMathProf” in my email and web pages because I’m a retired mathematics professor, and politically I’m a leftist, and because for many people apparently it is impossible to spell or pronounce my real name (Eric Schechter, pronounced erik shektur).

I’m a retired mathematician. When I was young, I believed math was important. But around the age of 55 I began to see what most people know by age ten: The most important questions contain no math at all. For instance:

  • Climatologists use math to predict things like how fast the temperature will rise. But the really important question is, how can we get society to pay more attention to the climatologists, and implement policies that give our species a better chance of avoiding extinction?
  • Economists use math to figure out how we can achieve our goals more efficiently. But the really important question is, what do we choose for our goals? How do we choose them? And must we end capitalism in order to implement policies consistent with the advice of the climatologists? (On that last question, I’m convinced the answer is “yes, and we’d better hurry.”)

I’m about as far to the left as one can go. I’m an eco-anarcho-commie and a draft dodger, and proud of it. I’m a Lennonist — that’s not Vladimir Lenin, but rather John Lennon:

“Imagine no possessions …
Imagine all the people sharing all the world …”

But I’m in favor of voluntary cultural change, not coercion, and I think that’s what Lennon meant by his refrain, “I hope someday you’ll join us.”

But “someday” had better be soon, because both the ecosystem and our social fabric are collapsing. The ecosystem is collapsing much faster than most people realize, because they don’t understand the nonlinearities involved. It can’t be fixed while private profit rules the world; only a global eco-anarcho-commie revolution might still save us. That’s a cultural change, so enormous that it’s comparable to rapture.

2014earthdayPictured at right is me, distributing some of my leaflets. If you click on the picture, you’ll see a larger copy, and you’ll see that the small print at the top of the sign says “end capitalism.”

Best wishes to you and yours in the great changes that are coming soon to all of us.