Above are links to my essays. Underlined blue phrases in the essays are links to related materials. At the end of most essays is a date and a version number, reflecting the most recent revision.

Many of the shorter essays are also available formatted for printing as a leaflet; that version is also linked at the bottom of the essay page. Listed below are the LEAFLETS, in reverse chronological order of most recent revision. Pages are letter-size unless otherwise noted.

latest revision both sides of LEAFLET at bottom of essay
2023 April 17 1/2 page Only Revolution Can Save Life On Earth!
2023 March 21 1/2 page Capitalism is Awful
2023 Jan 1 1/4 page Anticapitalism Trading Cards
2022 Nov 9 1/3 page The End is Near
2022 July 18 1 page Friends and Bullies: A Simplified History
2021 Oct 29 1/2 page SAMIZDAT: what it is and why we need it
2021 Oct 26 1/2 page Beyond Reforms and Markets
2021 Aug 26 1/2 page Trade Increases Inequality
2021 Jun 28 legal page The Great Awakening
2021 Jun 12 1/2 page A Leftist History of Humans
2021 Jun 12 1 page Simplifying Marxism
2021 May 22 1 page, legal sized Reform or Revolt
2021 May 4 1/2 page No Cops
2021 Apr 18 card, 1 side Culture Change (wallet card)
2020 Dec 9 wallet card Anticapitalism in Brief
2020 Dec 7 wallet card (one side) 24 Seconds Against Capitalism
2020 Dec 6 wallet card Revolt or Burn (wallet card)
2020 Oct 26 1/4 page 2021 Revolt or Burn
2020 Aug 31 1/2 page Capitalism Doesn’t Add Up
2019 Oct 10 1 page Reforms Are Not Enough
2019 May 26 1/2 page Everything You Know Is Wrong
2018 Dec 23 1/2 page More leafleters needed
2018 Dec 1 1/2 page Reluctant Rapture
2017 Jan 1 1/2 page Sharing or Extinction

I have made some of my essays into VIDEOS — i.e., the essays are the transcripts of the videos. Those are listed below, again in reverse chronological order. Some older essays have been removed from this website because their content overlaps too much with newer material, but most older videos still can still be found on my youtube page.

link to VIDEO link to transcript essay
2023 May 29 27 min Property is Killing us
2022 Dec 2 6¼ min Capitalism is Awful
2022 Sep 2 10 min Return to Sharing
2021 Oct 26 5 min Beyond Reforms and Markets
2021 Aug 26 4 min Trade Increases Inequality
2021 June 28 16¼ min The Great Awakening
2021 June 12 5½ min A Leftist History of Humans
2021 May 23 12 min Reform or Revolt
2021 Feb 19 4¼ min Climate Nonlinearity in Simple Terms
2021 Jan 7 9 min Trade Increases Inequality (older, longer version)
2021 Jan 3 13½ min Bigger Than Revolution (long version)
2020 Dec 7 24 seconds 24 Seconds Against Capitalism
2020 Dec 6 1 minute Revolt or Burn (wallet card)
2020 Nov 27 15 minutes Revolution Soon, But Not Yet
2020 Oct 24 5¼ minutes Waking from Capitalism (a primer)
2020 Aug 21 2 minutes 2021 Revolt or Burn
2020 May 25 16½ minutes Three Destructions and Three Destroyers in Capitalism
2020 Apr 22 19 minutes Hurry Revolution
2020 Jan 24 28 minutes Waking from the Ancient Madness of Ownership
2019 Oct 10 7¼ minutes Reforms Are Not Enough
2019 Sep 7 2 minutes 10,000 Year Revolution
2019 Aug 13 1½ minutes My Bernie Story
2019 July 6 2 minutes Revolt or Die
2019 June 9 2½ minutes Property is Ecocide
2019 June 8 17 minutes Paradise or Extinction
2019 Mar 12 7 minutes Ending capitalism is not enough
2018 Dec 15 4 minutes Capitalism is killing us all
2018 Oct 23 4½ minutes The Root Problem 10,000 BC
2018 Apr 30 4 minutes Capitalism is killing the planet
2018 Mar 6 2½ minutes Capitalism, the Root Problem
2018 Feb 20 2 minutes Hierarchy & Property
2017 Oct 9 2 minutes Three evils of capitalism
2017 Sep 15 11 minutes A Differetnt Vision
2017 Jul 26 3 minutes Why the World is Crazy
2017 Mar 11 4 minutes End Plutocracy
2017 Feb 26 9½ minutes Plutocracy and Separateness
2017 Jan 1 3½ minutes Sharing or Extinction (leaflet)
2013 Aug 31 20 minutes Global Eco-Anarcho-Zen-(Christian)-Commie Revolution
2013 July 15 26 minutes The Math of Runaway Warming
2013 ? 8 minutes Capitalism Doesn’t Add Up (old, long version)
2012 Feb 14 140 minutes Revelation & Revolution

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(me singing The Internationale during a march)

I took the name “LeftyMathProf” in my email and web pages because I’m a retired mathematics professor, and politically I’m a leftist, and because for many people apparently it is impossible to spell or pronounce my real name (Eric Schechter, pronounced erik shektur).

When I was young, I believed math was important, that math was the language of science, that math could explain everything. But around the age of 55 I began to see what most people know by age ten: The most important questions of our lives contain no math at all. For instance:

  • Climatologists use math to predict things like how fast the temperature will rise. But the really important question is, how can we get society to listen to the climatologists?
  • Economists use math to figure out how the people in power can maximize their profits. But the really important question is, what should we be trying to maximize instead (the happiness of society), and how can we get society to switch its priorities over to that?

In my essays, I generally try to avoid statistics and other facts that are not already known to everyone, facts that people might or might not believe. Instead I try to use facts that everyone can see all around us all the time, but which people need to see in a new way. I think the ideal essay is one that persuades you not by showing you new information, but by showing you a new way of understanding information you already had, a way that makes more sense to you. It’s like putting on a pair of prescription eyeglasses for your first time. You’re looking at things that you’ve been seeing all your life, but suddenly you’re seeing them in a new way; what was unclear before is now clear. There is no doubt in your mind that this new way of seeing things is better than the old way. That is what I’m trying to achieve.

I’m about as far to the left as one can go. I’m an eco-anarcho-commie and a draft dodger, and proud of it. I’m a Lennonist — that’s not Vladimir Lenin, but rather John Lennon:

“Imagine no possessions …
Imagine all the people sharing all the world …”

(Just to clarify, “anarchy” does not mean “chaos and destruction,” though that’s what our ruling class will try to tell you it means. Rather, “an”+”archy” means “no”+”rulers,” or “no hierarchy.” Hierarchy causes concentration of power, and the Stanford Prison Experiment proved that power corrupts. The alternative to hierarchy is horizontal networking, kind of like Facebook. It’s the opposite of dictatorship. And “commie” does not mean dictatorship, though that is what the capitalists will claim it means. Rather, “communism” means “no capitalists.” It means sharing, with or without dictatorship. Evidently, I must mean the kind without dictatorship, since I am also advocating anarchy.)

But I’m in favor of voluntary cultural change, not coercion, and I think that’s what Lennon meant by his refrain, “I hope someday you’ll join us.” Anarchism (horizontal networking), like peace, cannot be forced upon people. It requires consensus, and can only be achieved through inspiration and education.

we can do better sq

Pictured at right is me, holding up a sign. The text says “CAPITALISM IS CRUEL,” and then in smaller print “we can do better,” and finally in still smaller print in parentheses, “ask me for a leaflet.”

Best wishes to you and yours in the great changes that are coming soon to all of us.


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