Last Chance to Save Our Species

We’re in the endgame now. We still have a chance, but it requires big fast changes.

GLOBAL WARMING is speeding up faster than the IPCC says. Crop failures will starve us all; methane release will end us. But politicians have subsidized oil companies and ignored climatologists for decades. We need a politics that isn’t based on short-term private profit.

WARS are waged for lies making a few rich men richer. Fallout from nukes will kill everyone. We need friendship and disarmament.

COMPETITION kills empathy, leaving fear, hate, greed, lies, madness. Our workplaces are dictatorships that objectify, exploit, and discard us. If we don’t share, we must trade, which increases inequality by favoring the stronger trader. The market’s alleged “wisdom” and “efficiency” ignore unmeasured side effects, such as the ecocide killing the planet.

last chance 24Our DEMOCRACY is really plutocracy in disguise (Gilens and Page 2014). The 51% trampling the 49% are misled by the corporate press. Our rulers can’t save the planet – they’re too busy competing against each other.

Our CULTURE has been plutocracy, bullies, “might makes right” for 12,000 years. But for the previous 200,000 years we shared as friends and equals. That’s still what we teach our kids, still where we turn in crisis, still who we are genetically. That’s what we can and must resume.

TIME is running out. Help spread the awakening.


2022 March 16, version 2.25. The leaflet fits on two sides of 1/3 page.

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