Bigger Than Revolution (a primer)

BEGINNERS in political activism generally focus on one crime, one politician, one party. The problem is deeper than that. It’s in our most fundamental concepts; we need to replace them.

TRUTH is elusive; we’ve all been fooled. Whistle-blowers, not war criminals, are locked up. The public’s short memory lets the plutocrats lie about everything. The biggest lie is one of omission: The corporate press (NYT, MSNBC, FOX, etc.) never mentions the real basis of our society, nor the very different world that is possible. My own favorite non-corporate sources are: RT, Counterpunch, Greanville Post, Popular ResistanceBlack Agenda ReportCommon Dreams, Truthout, Rad Indie Media, Ted RallLee Camp, Caitlin Johnstone, Richard Wolff, Jimmy Dore, Howard Zinn. Links for those sources (and for the rest of this leaflet) at

Our NATURE is that we’re social animals. For 200,000 years we shared as equals. That’s still what we teach our kids, still where we turn in crisis, still who we are genetically. Hoarding as unequals is now killing us, but it’s only a 12,000-year-old cultural wrong turn, which we can still undo.

HIERARCHY is how we’ve arranged government and business. We’d be better off with horizontalism, because hierarchy concentrates power. That corrupts, as we see in workplace bullying, prison torture, killer cops, and wars based on lies to make a few rich men richer.

MARKETS concentrate power too. If we don’t share, we must trade – for labor, food, rent, interest, influence, everything. Voluntary trade brings profit to both traders, but generally more to the trader in the stronger bargaining position, making him stronger still. Thus trade, even when honest, increases inequality, which is now huge. That creates poverty and plutocracy. It’s every man for himself, so the ecosystem gets trashed (an externalized cost) and we’re heading toward extinction; the market’s wisdom and efficiency are lies.

Global WARMING is about to explode, due to feedback loops and tipping points. When the crop failures become more widespread, we’ll all starve. Big changes might still save us, but plutocrats are incapable of thinking of the future: Each can only see the short-term profits keeping him in power for another day.

DEMOCRACY is no panacea: Misled by corporate lies, we can’t vote wisely. Divided by property, with 51% overruling 49%, all we do is bicker. And so-called “representative” democracy is hierarchy, which inevitably corrupts. What we really need is caring and understanding, resulting in consensus. … At any rate, we don’t actually have a democracy: Gilens and Page proved statistically that, regardless of elections, our public policies favor the rich. Our taxes subsidize oil and arms companies that kill the world for profit. The USA has been a plutocracy thinly disguised as democracy ever since its founding in land theft, genocide, indentured servitude, and slavery.

ALIENATION is everywhere: Our workplaces are dictatorships which objectify, exploit, and discard us; that’s why we hate Mondays. Separate property creates separate lives despite shared threats such as global warming and pandemic. Competition kills empathy, leaving fear, lies, greed, hate, authoritarianism, madness, random shootings.

Global ecosocialist AWAKENING is our only hope. It’s bigger than revolution, more than just changing laws and leaders. We need to see the world in a new way. In our hearts and our institutions, we need a culture of caring and sharing that leaves no one behind, so no one wants to hurt us. The first step is to get more people talking about it. Call a meeting, post a video, write a leaflet, or copy this leaflet if you like it.

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2021 Sept 22, version 7.98. Underlined words and phrases are links to related materials. The leaflet fits on two sides of a half page. Here are direct links to sections after the first: Truth, Nature, Hierarchy, Markets, Warming, Democracy, Alienation, Awakening. The video is based on version 7-84.