Anticapitalism in Brief (wallet card)

Anticapitalism in Brief.
Property separates us. Competition
kills empathy, leaving fear, hate, greed,
madness. Trade increases inequality,
causing poverty, plutocracy, and
corruption. Lies start wars for profit.
Global warming, an externality, is
speeding up, and will kill     (turn page)
| | |
(side 2)     us all soon if continued.
Capitalists can’t fix any of this – each
must focus on the short-term profits
keeping him in power. Thus, you and I
must overthrow capitalism, and replace
it with caring and sharing. Start by
talking about it. Related links at

2020 Dec 9, version 1.03. Underlined phrases above are links to related materials; the underlines do not appear in the wallet card. Here are sides one and two formatted for printing on the perforated sheets available at office supply stores.

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