More leafleters needed

leafleterWe need more people writing leaflets, more people handing out leaflets (those can be the same or different people). We need more people thinking, carrying signs, marching, signing petitions, reading and writing articles in the non-corporate press. The ideas and understanding we need will be born in conversations; we need more of those, both in person and online. And by “more” I mean you.

It’s good if everyone has a turn to speak up and be heard. Speaking and being heard helps the speaker to also start listening and thinking.

Setting an example is good, but it’s not enough. People who see you may not understand what you’re setting an example of. It’s not obvious to a lot of them, even if it’s obvious to you. You have to explain what you’re setting an example of. Put it in a leaflet.

I’m not talking about a “Get Out The Vote” campaign, where we just move the existing pieces to different locations on the chessboard. I’m talking about a metamorphosis, where all the pieces get new powers and make a new chessboard.

Our society needs big changes, deep changes. Not just the superficial changes you get when one set of rulers is replaced by another set of rulers. No, we need the deeper changes that happen when our culture changes, when we see things in a new way, when we live in a new way. That change comes from seeing the old culture more clearly; it comes from people thinking and talking about what they see.

So we all need to express our opinions. That’s the main point of this leaflet. But now, at the risk of losing my audience, I’ll use the rest of the space in this leaflet to express some of my own opinions – which admittedly are very radical. If you don’t agree with my opinions, I still urge you to express your own opinions by leaflet, signs, petitions, etc., as described above. We need the conversation.

My own opinions: The corporate government and corporate news media have been lying about everything. All our wars – over half our national budget – have been based on lies, mainly to make profits for the weapons companies. Thus our politicians are liars, thieves, and mass murderers. Capitalism is actually a terrible system: It increases inequality, it alienates us from one another, and its externalized costs include war, poverty, and ecocide. The ecocide will kill us all if continued. In particular, climate change is coming bigger and faster than most people understand, because they don’t understand feedback loops, exponential growth, and tipping points. War and poverty have been with us ever since our big cultural wrong turn, the invention of hierarchy and private property, 10,000 years ago. But that’s only our culture; it’s not too late to return to our true nature of caring and sharing. More details about all that at


2018 Dec 23, version 1.04. The print-formatted version of this is a leaflet that fits on two sides of 1/2 page.

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