Why I don’t fret about 9/11

9-11-1If I simplify a bit, there are just two main cases to consider: Either

(1) 9/11 was an inside job, a false flag, by the Deep State, or

(2) 9/11 was retaliation for past crimes by the Deep State.

I’ve heard strong arguments on both sides; different people are persuaded by different arguments; we’re far from reaching a national consensus on which of those two cases is true. But in either case, what we need to do is to reduce the Deep State or end it entirely. (And to do that, we may need to change our economic system; and to do that, we may need to spread a lot of understanding first.) And it would be best if we go ahead with ending the Deep State without waiting for a consensus on the 1 versus 2 question.

For that reason, I believe that much of the argument over 1 versus 2 is unproductive, and not the best use of our time.


2021 Sept 25, version 1.08.  (Original version September 2018.)

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