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we can do better sq(I’ve placed a description of myself on a couple of dating websites. It’s similar to the text below, but without the links. It’s heavily political, so it’s not entirely out of place here on my political website. I’m 71 years old, atheist, 6 feet 0 inches, build about average. Contact me if you think we may be a match.)

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Retired professor, divorce pending, beard negotiable. I like sci-fi, quirky detectives, apocalyptic movies, a few art galleries, and occasionally some other sedentary entertainment (suggest something). Giving and receiving unneeded material gifts has always been alien to me, but I’m good with the other four of Chapman’s “Five Love Languages” (look it up); touch is the one I miss most. “Tame me, please,” said the fox to the little prince.

2011 honk croppedBut I skip over women who write =only= of fun and kisses. What is the burning meaning in your life? I’m slightly aspergerish (like Greta Thunberg). Since 2006 I’ve obsessed over war, poverty, plutocracy, climate apocalypse. I’m in the very bottom left corner of the Political Compass chart (look it up); are you near there? My heroes are Zinn, Chomsky, Sanders, Hallam, Avakian, Charles Eisenstein, Peter Joseph, but each is missing something crucial. I no longer believe that working within the system in the same old way will finally produce different results. The world urgently needs a great awakening.

But shared wishes aren’t enough – I want shared action. I want a companion in meetings, marches, petitioning, leafleting. I’ll probably move closer to downtown soon, so that I can get to the protests more easily and more often. Alas, none of my leaflets or videos has gone viral; is your collaboration the missing ingredient?

Still, I can laugh at myself. For instance, for Halloween I’m “Super Leafleteer,” able to wear a cape while leafleting! And one of my longer essays is titled “My disagreements with everyone.” In the shower I sing Bragg’s “Internationale” and then Kermit’s “Rainbow Connection.”

Incidentally, I can only sleep with the tv off. I think about half of all people can only sleep with it on. That should be a basic question on these dating sites.

Everything would be better if I had someone to share it with: co-dreamer, coauthor, comrade, in or near Nashville. “Send me a postcard, drop me a line, stating point of view.

* * * * *

Version of 2021 November 25. And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

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