Revolt or Burn (wallet card)

Revolt or Burn

– – Competition separates
us, creating fear, greed,
hate. Markets increase
inequality, creating
poverty & plutocracy.
Power corrupts — e.g.,
lies start wars for profit;
so-called “defense” is
really mass murder.
– – Global warming, an
externality, is speeding
up due to nonlinearities.
If continued it will soon
kill us all; (turn page)


(side 2) some crop fail-
ures have already begun.
We need big changes
fast, but our rulers can’t
bring those: Each pluto-
crat can only think of
the short-term profits
keeping him in power.
Capitalism grows like
cancer; we must replace
it with caring & sharing.
The first step is to get
more people talking
about this. More details
and related links:

click here for video


2020 Dec 6, version 1.14. Underlined phrases in this display are links to related materials; the underlines do not appear on the cards themselves. This essay fits two sides of a 2 inch by 3.5 inch wallet card. Here are formatted DOC files for side one and side two; these can be printed (10 cards to a sheet) on perforated 8.5×11 cardstock sheets available at office supply stores.

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