2021 Revolt or Burn

The climate clock has run out; we’re in the endgame now. No time remains for incremental reforms or building a third party. Global warming is about to speed up abruptly, due to feedback loops and tipping points that most climate activists overlook or understate. On our present course, I expect a point of no return around 2025, for famine by 2030, barbarism by 2035, and extinction by 2040. (Extinction sooner if nuclear war.)

We might still avert the apocalypse if we throw at it everything we’ve got. The discovery we need may be just around the corner. But our rulers do nothing, as they can’t see past the short-term profits keeping them in power. And we can’t vote them out – our so-called “democracy” is really a plutocracy, as Gilens and Page proved.

Capitalism is not just ecocidal. It also perpetuates war and poverty, to make the rich richer. It increases inequality, by favoring the trader in the stronger bargaining position. And competition kills empathy, leaving hate, fear, greed, lies, and random shootings.

Only a global ecosocialist awakening can save us. We need a culture of caring and sharing that leaves no one behind, so no one wants to hurt us. The first step is to get more people talking about it. Join the conversation.

Links: LeftyMathProf.org/revolt-or-burn


2020 Oct 30, version 3.25. The leaflet fits on two sides of 1/4 page. The 2-minute video is based on version 3.03Version 1.11 was reposted on Dandelion Salad.

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