Market Is War

Capitalism was a lie. It promised us a good market, and it made us believe such a thing was possible. Capitalism promised us

justice, equality, and democracy,

and it made all of those sound like good things. But those goals are shabby, in ways we didn’t even realize. They are all adversarial. They are methods for defending oneself from enemies, not methods for making friends.

There is no good market. Market is war, and there is no good war.

We must figure out how to change everything. We need

partners, not adversaries;
healing, not retributive justice;
sharing, not trade, theft, poverty, and stories of equality;
understanding, caring, and consensus, not a 51% democracy;
peace, not “pre-emptive defense”;
love, not merely rights.

Rejoice, rejoice, but we don’t really have any choice about this. The old world is destroying itself. Being adversaries brought us war and poverty for ages, and with modern technology it will poison and bake us all if continued.

The central ingredient in change is understanding. Understanding makes a better world possible. We are all one flesh and blood, so we all have the same choices inside us; look for the best choices you can find inside yourself. And then talk about it, and try to get more people talking about it.


2017 May 18, version 1.03.