zapProductivity keeps rising; it’s the highest it’s ever been. (That’s the amount of goods or services produced per hour of labor.) So why the **** are most of us experiencing hard times??

Trade increases inequality, by giving greater profit to the trader who was already in the better bargaining position.

The only way to end rule by the wealthy class is to not =have= a wealthy class, and that requires a very different economic system.

Capitalism is cruel.

Giving capitalism credit for science and technology is like giving me credit for Tom Petty’s music. (We were born in the same year.)

Even if we could make selfishness sustainable, why would anyone =want= to?

We don’t shoot our friends. Why can’t we all be friends? Oh, because capitalism.

If ecosystem collapse kills us all, the economy will suffer substantially.

“Personally, I’d be in favor of sharing, but most people will never go along with that,” is what =most= people say when asked.

Property separates us, and money measures the distance.

Democracy is too small a goal. If we worked to care about and understand each other, we’d be capable of consensus.

The board game “Monopoly” always ends with all the players but one totally impoverished. Even if our economic system were as “fair” as that game, it still would leave much to be desired.

The middle road is ending. We’re heading toward utopia if we finally find wisdom, or toward extinction if we don’t — and soon.

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2018 Nov 12, version 1.01. Watch for more to be added here.