Schechter for Congress

(This is the transcript for a 3¼ minute video.)

Hello, my name is Eric Schechter, and I’m running for congress. Here is my platform:


and some other stuff, but that’s enough to get started.

First of all, NO CAMPAIGN MONEY. I’m not accepting donations from anyone. I’m not spending a dime on ads or mass mailings, or on making this video. That’s because my friends and I aren’t rich, and because I want to keep things simple, and most of all because elections should be about IDEAS, not about money. But if you and your friends like my ideas, maybe this video will go viral.

Second, NO WARS. Over half our taxes go to the so-called “Defense” Department, but it’s not about defense. The USA is the world’s greatest bully. We’ve been bombing our cousins overseas, killing multitudes of innocent people. All our wars are based on lies to make a few rich people richer. Most of our “honored statesmen” are really liars, thieves, and mass murderers. I can’t fix that by myself, but I’ll do what I can.

Third, NO POVERTY. We’re the richest country in history, but most people are barely getting by; we have beggars on every major street corner. That didn’t happen by accident — it’s built into our economic system. It’s like the board game “Monopoly,” which always ends with all the players but one totally impoverished. Trade, even honest trade — for labor, money, rent, food, whatever — increases inequality, by favoring the trader in the stronger bargaining position. We need a different system.

Fourth, NO CLIMATE CHANGE. That one’s harder to explain. Some people don’t even believe climate change is real, because of the oil companies’ lies. And many more people don’t realize how big and fast the climate apocalypse is coming, because they haven’t understood about nonlinear effects — tipping points, feedback loops, exponential acceleration. Those terms are explained simply in my 2013 climate video; I’ll put a link to it on the Youtube page for this speech.

Crop failures have already begun. If we continue heating the planet, I estimate we’ll pass the point of no return by 2025, with massive famines by 2030 and extinction of all life on Earth before 2040. But governments aren’t doing much about it, because the oil barons are greedy and all-powerful. We need to change things now.

I’ll give more detail if requested. But I’ve already suggested huge changes that few other politicians are talking about. If you like my ideas, please give your friends the web address of this video. Thanks for listening. Be well.