Beyond Resistance (leaflet)

Trump’s election has triggered a big “Resistance Movement.” But it’s mostly new activists, who have just barely begun the process of learning what is really going on. I would like to help that process here.

New activists may believe our problems began with Trump, but that is not so. Mostly, Trump has made the problems more obvious. He is continuing Bush and Obama’s illegal wars, mass deportations, and collusion with bankers, oilmen, and other plutocrats — crimes for which we should have impeached Obama and Bush. It’s true that Trump has taken things farther, but that’s how relay races work.

And yet, the most frequent accusation against Trump is “Russia Russia Russia,” for which the only evidence is an unidentified source in the CIA, the world’s biggest liars.

And it’s not democracy, but our illusion of democracy, that is under attack. Gilens and Page proved statistically in 2014 that we are already ruled by the rich. To end that will require a different economic system.

baby gators in the poolBeginners get their news from mainstream corporate news media such as MSNBC, NY Times, and Washington Post, without realizing what biases these media have. The owners of these media are the owners of government and big business. Oil barons deny or understate the problems of global warming. Weapons sellers prefer wars over diplomacy. And the plutocrats will never question the fundamentals of our economic system.

Evidently we all need some non-corporate news sources. My favorites are Counterpunch, Greanville Post, Black Agenda Report, DemocracyNow, The Intercept, Common Dreams, Truthdig, Caitlin Johnstone, Richard Wolff, Lee Camp.

— — — — — —

2017 August 31, version 1.16. I wrote this to hand out at “Resistance” rallies, perhaps while wearing a sign that says “Beyond Resistance.” The leaflet version fits two sides of 1/3 page.