Some Reasons to Support Sanders

by Eric Schechter

First, a note to my friends who don’t vote: The president does have some power, the candidates are not all identical, and someone may cheat but they can’t hide a landslide win.

And now, why to support Bernie:

1. Bernie’s not a racist. Don’t listen to Trump’s tweets against brown foreigners or Biden’s mumbles against black Americans. Trump and Biden are trying to deflect attention from the real problem: our economic system. Or, as Bernie says, “the billionaire class.”

sanders2. Leadership. Other Democratic candidates are just proposing slight variations on the extraordinary ideas Bernie already popularized. Bernie is the one who will continue innovating.

3. Trustworthiness. Bernie has promoted progressive ideas consistently for 40 years; he’s not likely to throw away a lifetime’s efforts. He actually stands for the principles the Democratic Party has always claimed to stand for. He doesn’t take money from billionaires. He doesn’t have “a public position and a private position,” as did a certain former opponent.

4. Sanders can beat Trump. Polls said he would have in 2016.

5. Peace. CodePink said Bernie “has the best voting record of any candidate on war and peace issues … no other candidate comes close.”

6. Economics. Bernie is proposing one economic innovation after another. Universal healthcare, universal free public education, forgiveness of medical debt and education debt, and I’m sure more are coming. Put aside questions like whether you’re for or against socialism and whether Bernie is really a socialist – just look at the policies Bernie is promoting. Most people like those policies, and so do I.

7. Climate. Greenpeace rated Bernie best on climate, and I agree. Sanders is the only Democratic candidate approaching the climate problem with the seriousness it requires, the only one building a movement that will (among other things) take on the fossil fuel companies. The problem is even bigger than the IPCC has told us, because the IPCC is muzzled by politicians. We are in an emergency. Support Bernie as though our lives depend on it, because they do.


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