Beware the “Moderate Revolution”

Some people see history going in cycles. We have decay and corruption and inequality, followed by a revolution or great reform that doesn’t quite solve the underlying problems, and so it is followed by decay and corruption and inequality. But that can’t continue much longer. If we don’t get it right, pretty soon ecocide is going to kill all of us. The ecosystem is getting close to collapse, much closer than most people realize (because they don’t understand the nonlinear effects). So we don’t have time to go through another cycle. We’ve got to get it right this time.

Many reformists are now calling for moderate change, though some of them use the word “revolution.” That would be easier to achieve than total revolution, and it might indeed delay the ecosystem collapse for a while.

But it would leave some plutocracy in control, as did the “revolution” of 1776 and the New Deal of the 1930s. Whatever concessions the plutocrats make, they can take back.

And the moderate changes would not solve climate’s underlying problem: Capitalism’s externalized costs are inherently ecocidal. The “moderate revolution” would delay ecosystem collapse less than it would delay the radical revolution that we actually need to FIX the climate problem. Thus, as a net effect, the “moderate revolution” would bring our extinction even NEARER.

So now we have to figure out what the root problem really is. In my opinion it’s hierarchy and property. Admittedly, getting rid of those will be a big job, but as I see it the alternative is extinction.

And if we “start the revolution” before people properly understand it, it will be taken over by people whose goals are too small. So we have to work on spreading this understanding BEFORE we start breaking things.

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2018 Dec 5, version 1.01. Watch for more to be added here.