CAPITALISM Will Kill Us All unless we end it soon (leaflet)

Part a: How capitalism kills us.

money as motivatorcharlie_chaplin02Capitalism was a mistake. The idea that the “invisible hand of the market” could “harness greed” was neither necessary nor feasible. People actually prefer intrinsic motivations such as the feeling of doing something worthwhile for the community and being appreciated for it, but those are displaced by extrinsic motivations such as money. That’s why we all hate our jobs.

better bargaining positiondead duckThe market, by favoring the trader in the stronger bargaining position, increases inequality. Thus it creates poverty and plutocracy, and concentrates power, which corrupts — yet we respect our rulers, like some national Stockholm syndrome. Wars and ecocide will continue as long as they are profitable. The rich will discover too late that they can’t eat money.

capitalism-as-fishmad-scientistProperty separates us and alienates us from each other: I can’t care about you while competing against you. To not feel powerless, the weak bully the weaker – gays, blacks, immigrants, women, etc. Soon some suicidal madman will build a germ warfare lab in his basement and kill us all. We can only be made safe by a culture of caring and sharing that leaves no one behind, so no one wants to hurt others. Such a culture is possible — look inside yourself.

Part b: How to end capitalism.

street rallyThis part is admittedly a bit sketchy. Basically, we just have to get a huge number of people thinking and talking about the ideas I’ve already mentioned in part a. I don’t really know how to make that conversation happen. But once that conversation happens, it will be easy to end capitalism, by elections or revolution or whatever; the precise method won’t matter much. So pass this word along.

2017-6-10. Related links at The leaflet is formatted to fit on two sides of 1/3 page. It was designed so that I can distribute it at a festival, such as the upcoming Solar Eclipse festival (2017/8/21), while wearing the 20 by 30 inch sign pictured here. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet; I’ll try to remember to let you know how it goes.