Imagine fewer wars etc.

food-not-bombsImagine fewer wars
Imagine no wars for profit
Imagine the Department of “Defense” being just that
Imagine food not bombs
Imagine (10/21/1967) levitating the Pentagon
Imagine peace and friendship
Imagine no countries and no wars

Imagine no bullying by individuals, groups, or governments
Imagine networking instead of oligarchy
Imagine no concentration of wealth and power

Imagine all caring for all, no one left behind, so no one wants to hurt others
Imagine no shootings
Imagine no fear
That would be heaven
Imagine no stories of a hell

Imagine no one profiting from prisons or others’ poverty
Imagine no prisons or poverty
Imagine truthful economics
Imagine all of us, not just the rich, benefiting from our labor
Imagine housing, healthcare, and healthy food for all
Imagine college for all who want it
Imagine no debt
Imagine free cable

Imagine a sustainable way of life
Imagine no fossil fuels for profit
Imagine no methane-spewing cruel meat factories
Imagine no externalized costs
Imagine halting the clathrate gun
Imagine more research on reducing atmospheric carbon
Imagine avoiding droughts, floods, famine, extinction

Imagine getting all we need
And some of what we want
Imagine knowing the difference

Imagine jobs motivated by meaning, not desperation
Imagine people not commodified
Imagine cooperation
Imagine all for one and one for all
Imagine “the Beloved Community” (Martin Luther King)
Imagine “from each according to ability, to each according to need” (Karl Marx)
Imagine all the people sharing all the world” (John Lennon)

color-burstImagine a new story
Imagine joy
Imagine talking about this stuff more.


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