Four Kinds Of Crazy

We’re all crazy in this society. I see four main ways that we’re crazy.

1. Crazy as a loon. These are the people who are actually classified as mentally ill by our medical profession. Schizophrenia, sociopathy, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, depressive, etc. Many of these people are homeless, seeing social workers, taking prescription meds, or forgetting or refusing to take their meds. Many of these people are involved with violence, either as perpetrators (lacking empathy and conscience) or as victims (visibly an easy mark). But what makes these people crazy? In some cases, it is just a genetic defect, an injury, or some other physical/chemical defect. In other cases, it is wholly or partly the problems listed below.

2. Crazy as a robot. These are the “normal” people in our society. They work at jobs they hate, to survive, to pay for food and rent, but also to buy things that won’t make them happy. Many of them, perhaps most of them, do not see how they are oppressed by our socioeconomic system. Or perhaps they see the oppression, but they cannot discuss it or fully understand it, because they lack the vocabulary, because it is never discussed by our corporate news media. These normal people may have occasional moments of happiness, but ultimately their anxiety brings them ulcers, diabetes, obesity, PTSD, etc. These are the people who the philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti had in mind when he said “it is no measure of health, to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

3. Crazy as a monster. These are the plutocrats who rule our society — the high ranking people in government and in big corporations. They are mass murderers — they do not hesitate to start a war that will kill a million people if it will bring them a short-term profit. They deny that the products they sell are harmful; they conduct campaigns of disinformation — again, for short-term profit. They are destroying the ecosystem, and that will eventually kill all of us. And they control the corporate news media, which does not present them not as monsters but as “distinguished statesmen.”

4. Crazy as a fox. These might be the happiest people. They are IN our society, but not OF our society. They may pass for normal, but they DO see and understand the oppression, and just seeing it is already half the battle in being free from it: If you have the right attitude, then oppression is merely physical hardship, not psychological hardship. Generally these people are doing a little bit toward ending the oppression — perhaps through political efforts, or perhaps merely in the humane way they talk with other people every day. They can’t do more to end the oppression, because they haven’t the power; but they can’t do less to end the oppression, because they are conscious human beings. They are crazy only in the sense that they see world very differently from how most people see it.


2019 Jan 27.