Final Climate Denials

Floods, fires, and “extreme weather” grow more frequent. Nevertheless, most people – even most climate activists – persist in two kinds of climate denials:

spiral1. How serious is it? What most people are now predicting is “hundreds of millions of deaths by the end of this century, and great hardship for untold generations to come.” But the truth is worse than that. Humans (and most other species) may be extinct by 2040 if we stay on our present course. That’s because “on our present course” does not mean “at the current rate.” The rate is increasing exponentially; that’s what feedback loops do. To avoid extinction, we must make drastic changes immediately.

2. Sociological causes. We need to reduce carbon emissions; why are they going up? Well, for decades, politicians have subsidized oil companies and ignored climatologists. That behavior is too consistent to be just a few isolated corrupt politicians. Rather, that behavior is built into our socioeconomic system.

Much of our society is in denial, and believes myths of democracy and fair trade. But the rich get the public policies they want and the rest of us don’t, regardless of elections. That is well known, and in 2014 it was proved statistically by Professors Gilens and Page. The rich use government, trade, and the press to increase their own advantages; economic inequality has become enormous. Capitalism forces the rich to compete against each other for investors, and so they must focus on short-term profits without regard to long-term consequences. That’s why we’re heading for extinction.

Money is influence; we’ll only end rule by the wealthy class when we no longer have a wealthy class. But that requires a very different economic system. Such a change requires the backing of most of society, so we need to spread this awareness.

26 April 2022

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