Capitalism is Cruel

For 300,000 years we shared as equals. That’s still our nature, and we can still return to it. But 10,000 years ago we made a cultural wrong turn, adopting hierarchy and property. By now most of us have accepted those two institutions as normal, and can’t imagine life without them; even many avowed anticapitalists accept “Mom and Pop stores.” But Mom and Pop would gladly turn their corner store into a socialist distribution center, to address needs instead of money.

dead duckMost people today don’t see the connection, but hierarchy and property cause bullying, poverty, war, plutocracy — that is, rule by the rich.

More recently, hierarchy and property are destroying the ecosystem. Global warming is accelerating, and its next tipping point may kill us all. We might avert extinction through big changes – less meat and oil, more trees and biochar, etc. But maintaining the commons is something we can only do together, and that’s blocked by plutocrats devouring the commons for short-term profit.

better bargaining positionOur society’s immense economic inequality didn’t happen by accident. Trade – for labor, food, rent, whatever – favors the trader in the stronger bargaining position, thus increasing inequality, creating poverty and plutocracy.

torturePower corrupts, as we see in domestic violence, workplace bullying, bullying, and atrocities by people in uniforms. The powerful say their underlings are undeserving. Our society could feed and house all, but doesn’t because that wouldn’t make the rich richer. Privately-owned workplaces are alienating little dictatorships; that’s why we hate Mondays.

bombingLies are everywhere – for instance, the Department of so-called “Defense” is no such thing. We’ve had imperialist plutocracy thinly disguised as democracy ever since our nation’s founding in land theft, genocide, and slavery.

capitalism-as-fishBut the problem is not just a few mad plutocrats. It’s our whole culture of separateness. We can’t care about others while competing against them. The sight of homeless beggars on every major street corner is a constant reminder of that. Loneliness, bullying, and shootings become common.

global-warmingChange is urgent, for the world is on fire. You’ll see our capacity for change if you look for the good within yourself and your friends, for we’re all cousins, alike inside. We need revolution, awakening, metamorphosis to a culture of caring and sharing that leaves no one behind. Tell everyone.


2019 Sep 28, version 4.15. The leaflet fits on two sides of 1/2 page. (First version Oct 2016.)