Capitalism Causes Violence (leaflet)

click here for videobombingCapitalism makes us all meaningless commodities, to be exploited or discarded. In this fashion it kills empathy. Separate property creates separate lives; we can’t care about others while competing against them. Our rich overlords, the 1% of 1%, divide us to fight in riots or wars, based on minor differences in skin color, language, religion, whatever. The rich don’t want us to notice that they’re the most different of all.

mrmonopoly_colorThings are getting worse in late-stage capitalism. Rents rise; pensions are stolen. We fear for our very survival; we’re constantly looking for our next gig.

better bargaining positionGrowing inequality is not an accident, but an inevitable consequence of not sharing: Trade gives bigger profit to the trader in the stronger bargaining position.

Slide11Democracy is a sham: Gilens and Page’s statistics prove the rich get the public policies they want and the rest of us don’t, regardless of elections. And the Stanford Prison Experiment proves that power corrupts. Our politicians, making war for profit, are liars, thieves, and mass murderers.

PeaceGlobeHeartStreet shootings are common. Gun laws and police oversight won’t protect us – soon some suicidal scientist will build a germ warfare lab in his basement. We’ll only be made safe by a culture of friendship, caring, and sharing that leaves no one behind, so no one wants to hurt us. Let’s talk about that.


capitalism causes violence small2017 Nov 9, version 1.01. Written to be distributed at anti-violence rallies.