The Politics & Economics of Kindness (leaflet)

dead-duck high contrast“Representative democracy” and “fair trade” are impossible, as I will explain. Reform, resistance, even revolution won’t suffice; we need to awaken from ancient delusions. For 10,000 years we’ve accepted hierarchy and property as “normal,” but really they are cruel. They’ve caused war, poverty, bullying, and more recently ecocidetorture, which may soon kill us all: Even the rich can’t eat money.

Hierarchy (including any seemingly “representative” government) concentrates power, and power corrupts, as the Stanford Prison Experiment proved. We see it all around us: Authoritarians beat their families, bosses bully workers, police shoot the poor, the rich lie to start wars to make themselves richer, and the corporate news media repeat those lies.

better bargaining positionProperty gets concentrated too: Even without theft or coercion, trade favors the trader in the stronger bargaining position, making him stronger still, increasing inequality, creating poverty and plutocracy. Market prices ignore side effects; for instance, oil‘s buyer and seller don’t pay for climate change. capitalism-as-fishCompetition kills empathy, and the weapons available to madmen are growing worse. We’ll only be safe in a caring society that leaves no one behind.

Hierarchy and property perpetuate each other. They must be ended together, replaced by horizontal networking tortureand by sharing. Our first step is to get more people talking about it.


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